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Hello Ladies

It seems you like our stuff and are seeking to find a ‘Women’s Ring’ range from within our online store. Maybe you’re looking to wear the same wedding band as your partner or maybe you have heard how awesome Tungsten and Ceramic are that you want a ring of ours for yourself. Either way, its fine by us, just don’t be put off by our male orientated product descriptions. We hope you find them fun and entertaining too.

Here’s the good news!

Many of the rings in our hand selected line are available in smaller sizes, like 4mm and 6mm, which we would consider small enough for your dainty fingers. Actually, our supplier deems all of their rings to be unisex.

Here is a list of the unisex rings currently in stock and available. If you like them and want more, let us know and we can see what else our supplier has.

Happy shopping!


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