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Who Buys The Wedding Bands?

When it comes to the most crucial part in preparing for an upcoming wedding, one has to argue whether or not keep the traditional etiquette or just to let modern customs take place in the midst the busy wedding activities. It can be a daunting task trying to figure out who is responsible for the expenses involving a pair of wedding rings. Some said it should be the bride, some assume its the groom's responsibility, and some even agreed that their families should contribute too. But, the real question here is, who buys the wedding bands?



Traditionally, the groom would buy the bride's engagement ring and wedding ring, and the bride had the chance to purchase the wedding band for the groom. This is more like a romantic gesture between the couple to give the ring as wedding gift from each other. Honestly, I never know such a wedding traditions existed, as this don’t seem to be a popular occurrence in Australia. It does seem that it is more widely known by my American friends, of which most say you buy the ring for each other.


Current Times

In today’s society couples tend to follow the rule of whoever is able to support the expenses of buying the wedding bands get the chance of purchasing them for both of them. This is because some brides or even grooms are not financially stable yet, therefore to split the cost between two parties is actually a smart option. Some couples manage their finances in many different ways, including combined or separate accounts. In many cases where the couples are already sharing expenses and have living together, they tend to split the cost of everything involving the preparation for the wedding between both of them. Some couples even have an account where they keep their wedding money and use it to cover up all the expenses for their wedding.


The question of who buys the wedding bands has so many different answers to it. An engagement ring tends to be the most expensive, followed by the bride's wedding band. Depending on the ring and the material, a groom's wedding band tends to be the least expensive ring. Because of this, the couple usually agree that he will be the one purchasing her engagement ring (because it's the most expensive), and she will be buying them the wedding bands. In some cases, their relative families tend to hand them down the family rings. In this event, it is a good option for the couple to show the appreciation to the member of the family who passes the ring down.


Since wedding bands are the symbol of your commitment toward your future life partner and your marriage, it is nice to purchase the wedding bands with your money instead of borrowing from a family member. The decision of who buys the wedding bands should not become an issue. Instead, discuss it with your partner and you will be able come up with a right decision.

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