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Unusual Bachelor Party Ideas

Are you looking for some unusual bachelor party ideas before your wedding? Traditionally, the bachelor party involves booze and strippers but let's put all of those aside for a while and get creative. We're not judging that kind of entertainment, but we also believe that you can do a lot better than that. Think about what you like to do normally? Is it something you can do as a group? Stuck for ideas; don’t worry. That’s why we came up with a list of unusual bachelor party ideas just for you.


If you, as the groom, and your friends enjoy playing golf, perhaps this can be a good bachelor party idea for you. It helps to tighten the friendship bond between you and friends and to relieve you from all the stress of wedding preparation. Grab a few golf carts to burn around in whilst playing a game of ambrose. Groom verse groomsmen maybe?  Unless you don't enjoy golf and you feel like being forced to play, don't even consider golf for your bachelor party then.


Road Trip

A road trip is probably one of best unusual bachelor party ideas for a groom. Think of a good destination like Vegas, your old college town or somewhere where the road can take you. All you need are a group of good traveling companions, a full tank of gas, and an amazing mix of music. If you are not the groom, but a good friend of him, we have a good suggestion for you. Surprise the groom by kidnapping him, bring him to his favorite destination while sipping on beers and reminiscing on some good old memories together.

roadtrip.jpg roadtripvegas.jpg

Go Skiing

One of our favorite bachelor parties are the ones that have a good combination of rugged outdoors activities and noisy, lively festivity. If you enjoy a few runs on the slopes, then go skiing with your good friends is a perfect idea for your bachelor party! Make a long weekend of it leaving on Friday and then slowly making your way back Sunday night.


Virtually Kill Each Other

In this era of where everything can be done virtually, you can also kill each other in video games. Gather your friends who are into Grand Theft Auto, Madden, or Halo on a weekend and just relieve your stress. Don't be shy to admit that you're not going to a strip-club for your bachelor party because we know how many guys out there who actually enjoy playing games more than watching strippers. I’m pretty sure you can come up with some fun drinking games to go with the virtual killing if you need an excuse to drink.


Go Hunting!

Even if hunting is not in your list of favorite activities, it can be an interesting and unusual bachelor party ideas. With some guys, some guns, a few cases of beer - what else do you need? Nothing could go wrong!


Play Paintball

If you opt for paintball activity for the bachelor party, there are two rules you will need to apply. Number one, you have to let the groom and his team win the game. And number two, you can't let the groom know that you and your friends are letting him to win. We’d suggest doing this at least 2 weeks ahead of time to let the welts settle down before the big day. Maybe a third rule should be no head shots?


Sometimes, all you need is a different approach for a bachelor party. You don't always need liquor and the strip-club. Be creative and be adventurous. Why not ask the guys to come themed? Maybe everyone should comes in his favourite sports team jersey. We hope that our list of unusual bachelor party ideas will help you to decide on your party.

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