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The Best Wedding Proposal Ideas

Every woman wants to be surprised with a proposal, so guys, why not make sure your proposal is something to remember. Around 38% of women claimed that a man's biggest mistake is when he proposes without a ring and 85% of the married and engaged ladies said they are disappointed with the way their men proposed them. All it takes is a little research and some planning and we think any of the guys out there can pull off a fantastic proposal. We've gathered some of the best wedding proposal ideas for you to get inspired and apply it to yours.


Ring In The Ice Cube - Surprise your lady with her favorite on-the-rocks drink with a frozen ring inside an ice cube. When she finds it, propose to her right away.


A Romantic Video - Record a very sweet and thoughtful video, and bring her to watch a movie. Before the movie begins, arrange with the people to have it as one of the commercials or movie trailers and pop her the question.


One Moment In The Movie - If she loves to watch movies and tend to express her hope of being the female character in the romantic film, surprise her with a wedding proposal where you set your own scene according to her favorite movie.


Youtube Proposal Idea - The Internet is very useful and if your lady spends more time watching videos online, record your proposal and upload it on Youtube. Tell her you have a a new clip to show to her and it will surprise her more than anything.


Hit The Beach - A couple of hours before you hit the beach, write your own proposal in the sand and decorate it with beautiful flowers, white rocks and seashells. Put your ring in the middle of the "Will You Marry Me?" and it is for sure, one of the best wedding proposal ideas ever! Get a friend to help set up and protect the proposal while you get your girl.


Skywriting Proposal - It might sound cheesy but if you enjoy public attention, you can hire a skywriter for your wedding proposal. Bring her to the park or anywhere outdoor that you think she will like and then bend on your knees as you show her the ring.


"Marry You" Flashmob - A lover of dance can opt for a flashmob proposal and have a team of dancers dance to any song related to marriage and relationship. Surprise her by joining the dance team before popping out the magic ring. It will be one of the most heartwarming proposal ideas someone can think of just like what this man did to his wife (Video Here)


Hidden in a Novel - If she is a bookworm or if you are a writer, you can create a fake novel just for her. Each page, type out whatever you feel about her and on the last paper, ask her the famous question, "Will You Be My Eternity?" She will appreciate the novel for the rest of her life! Remember to glue the ring safely on the last part of the book as well.


Try to come up with one of the most memorable proposal ideas for your lady. Every woman wants to remember it and for it to be remembered. We love how in this video, the man actually proposed and got married to her right away. It actually made us shed tears a little bit at how beautiful a proposal can be. So, have you decide on yours?

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