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Ring Size Guide

Size Matters: How to pick the

right size the first time.


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Comfort fit versus Standard fit

Most rings that you would find in a jewellery store are a Standard Fit (flat on the inside), however all of our alternative metal rings are classed as a Comfort Fit type ring, because who wants to be standard. That seems too normal and boring and we want you to be comfortable! Comfort Fit rings are rounded on the inside to enable the ring to clear your knuckles easier. Due to this difference we suggest that you select a ring size which is about half a size smaller than you would normally wear. Comfort Fit rings are a looser fit compared to the same size ring in a Standard Fit.

Note: The mm width of the ring can affect sizing and therefore should be taken into consideration when choosing a ring size.  Rings which are 10 mm or wider may feel tight on your finger due to the amount of skin they cover, therefore you may find that keeping your normal ring size is appropriate here. Please note that there will be slight variances of +/- 0.1 mm on our rings.

Ring Size

We know that your first instinct as a man is to say LARGE when asked for your size, but to be a little serious for a moment we’d like to help you get your ring size right on the 1st order, reducing any unnecessary effort on your behalf to get it swapped. Us men hate extra work!!

If you know your ring size we’d suggest you check our US Ring Size Chart to ensure it matches our manufactures measurements. See Below.

If you don’t know your ring size, the most accurate way to determine it is to visit a couple of local jewelers and get fitted. We recommend going to at least 2 stores as each jeweler has their own way of measuring a person's ring size. If you get the same result from both, great you now know your ring size. If you get a slightly different size (no more than half a size in variation) go with the size that felt more comfortable.

Note: If you are thinking about ordering a wide ring (greater than 10 mm) you might like to test how it feels on your finger at the same time, allowing you to know if the wider width feels more restrictive than a slimmer width. If so, be sure to NOT reduce the ring size for the Comfort Fit rings.

Just be sure to come back here to buy your ring or we can’t be held responsible if you purchase a boring Wedding Band.

US Ring Size Chart

US Ring Size Dimensions Chart

Ring Size Diameter in Millimeters Circumference in Millimeters Diameter in Inches Circumference in Inches
6.0 16.50 51.80 0.65 2.04
6.5 16.90 53.10 0.67 2.09
7.0 17.30 54.30 0.68 2.14
7.5 17.70 55.60 0.70 2.19
8.0 18.10 56.90 0.71 2.24
8.5 18.50 58.10 0.73 2.29
9.0 18.90 59.40 0.75 2.34
9.5 19.40 60.90 0.76 2.39
10.0 19.80 62.20 0.78 2.44
10.5 20.20 63.50 0.79 2.49
11.0 20.60 64.70 0.81 2.54
11.5 21.00 66.00 0.83 2.59
12.0 21.40 67.20 0.84 2.65
12.5 21.80 68.50 0.86 2.70
13.0 22.20 69.70 0.87 2.75
13.5 22.60 71.00 0.89 2.80


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