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Interesting and Creative Wedding Decoration Ideas

Wedding decorations have become a one-of-a-kind personal touch, individually tailored for every couple which also gives a romantic vibe to a wedding. It is not hard to find perfect wedding decoration ideas for your special day as long as you are open to suggestions from all sources available. We have compiled a list of wedding decoration ideas that might be able to help you to prepare for your wedding. Not sure that gold fish are a great idea unless your guest are willing to look after them afterwards. 


Romantic Lanterns

Just like how gorgeous they will look like lining your front walk during Christmas time, decorating the location of your wedding with lanterns can provide the same vibe to your day. With its soft illumination that flicker once a while and the simple design, there's nothing else than beat lanterns.


Origami As Decorations

Oh, don't you know how beautiful origami is? If you enjoy making different patterns and designs of origami, you really should use them as your wedding decorations! This elegant little crafts can be strewn on dinner tables or strung between the trees if you opt for an outdoor wedding. Besides, origami adds a pop of color and its a perfect choice for a couple that wants something simple but still romantic.


Unscented Candles

More often than not, couples tend to think that scented candles are good as wedding decorations. But we disagree. You don't want to attract your guest's attention from the delicious smells of the dishes being served by masking the food's smell with candle's fragrance. Of course, you can use candles as your wedding decorations but make sure they are all unscented. You can also choose different colors of candles. I bought a variety of different sized glass vases to place tealight candles into, as I didn’t want them to blow out because of our outdoor setting.


Natural Petals

Instead of throwing flower petals as confetti after the ceremony, they can also be used as wedding decoration at the reception. Some of the suggestions include scattering the petals in a heart shape to be used as the centerpiece for the table. You can also fill inexpensive fishbowls with a handful of petals or use sprigs of wheat or lavender as the napkin rings.


Glass-Hanging Lanterns

So, you think the normal paper lantern is not good enough for your wedding? Why don't you opt for glass-hanging lanterns then? When the darkness of the night comes and the atmosphere becomes a little insecure, those silver lanterns with floral patterns can help to flatter the setting for a more romantic vibe with electric light.


Used The Light Bulbs, Please!

Instead of using flowers, you can make arrangements to create light bulb topiary centerpieces. This project can take weeks to accomplish. Therefore, the sooner you start, the better it will be. Consult your family members, friends and co-workers if they can collect some light bulbs for you and whether they can help you to create your light bulb topiary centerpieces. This idea will also turn your wedding into a spectacular event!


Wedding decorations will usually help to set the scene of your special day. Instead of trying to mix up everything, choose the ones that will really reflect you and your partner's personalities. In the end, you want your wedding guests to enjoy your reception and to be inspired by your wedding decoration ideas. We hope you enjoy preparing for your important day!

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