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How To Get The Groom Involved?

Most of the time, the bride tends to make the major decision from the wedding preparation to the decorations needed. Many brides have been picturing their wedding for years and know exactly what they want. The groom will feel like his opinions will not be heard by all parties. This can lead to a biased decision between the couple. Grooms seem to be less interested and are happy to let the bride take the majority of the responsibility. So, how can you, as the bride, get the groom excited about the big day and interested in helping out? We have come up with 5 ways on how to get the groom involved.


Budgeting and Negotiating

If your man loves maths and you are confident he has all the skills in negotiation, it is better for you to allow him to manage the budget for your wedding and get involve in working out the prices with the vendors. Ask him to be in charge of the money and to come up with the best decision for both of you. If you are lucky, you might get a little "extras" for your wedding from his negotiating skills.


Special Projects For Him

What is your guy into? Everyone has an interest such as art, technology, carpentry, music, cars or anything alike. You can try to get him to do all things involving arts and creativity such as designing the invitation cards, or decorating the venue together with you. Other than that, if he knows photography or videography, your groom can try to work with your photographer and videographer. He will be the best person who knows exactly what he wants for his wedding. If he is good in carpentry, you can assign a special project for him such as building a plywood canopy and save some money! Why not ask him to arrange the wedding transport? What guy doesn’t like cars of some kind; whether it be a classic vintage vehicle or a classy tricked out limo. I’m sure he could get excited about that.


Determine The Menu

Ever heard the saying 'the way to a man's heart is through his stomach'? The authors of The Smart Couple's Guide to the Wedding of Your Dreams, Judith Sherven and Jim Shiechowski, suggested that a man who is in love with food and call themselves a "foodie" should be given the chance to determine the menu for the wedding reception. Even if your groom isn't an expert, it is still a better way to get the groom involved in the planning. Bring him together on your visits to caterers for taste-sampling.


Combine All Ideas

If you and your groom would love to combine two different customs (take Jewish and Greek as an example), you can assign him the project of finding all the traditional accessories needed from his side and you get the chance to find from yours. He can also get involved in choosing the music band according to his music taste and you get the chance to choose the songs you want to be played.


The 3 Wedding Veto’s

If you’re a bride who is taking charge of most of the wedding planning, consider getting your man involved by have wedding veto’s. These are 3 items where he can say no to and you can open the item up for discussion. For example the color pink as the wedding theme. The groom may use a veto on this as he is uninterested in having a pink wedding and would be more interested in discussing color options. If he feels strongly enough to veto something there’s a good chance he’ll be happy to take on managing that part of the wedding.


There are many other ways on how to get the groom involved in the planning, however, it can be hard to find the time to talk to your groom about wedding stuff. You should try to let him rest for a while before you can bombard him with more ideas and questions. That way, it will give him time to think and deal with everything. So, how do you get your groom involved in the process of planning your wedding?

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