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Cheap but Cheerful Wedding Favors

Toward the end of 18th century, wedding favors (or bonbonnieres as I would call them) started to become very popular at weddings. Aristocrats in Europe, especially those in France and Italy, would often provide their wedding guests with bonbonniere. Basically, bonbonniere were just little boxes made out of porcelain, precious stones, metal, or even crystal containing five white-sugared almonds symbolizing Happiness, Health, Wealth, Fertility and Longevity which the guests could enjoy later at their homes. They don’t need to be lavish to be great; it just needs to be thoughtful. Check out our 10 cheap but cheerful wedding favors for your wedding!


Personalized Pencils

If you're looking for an inexpensive old-school charm, a simple idea of personalized pencils is one of the cheap wedding favors you should consider to have. Purchase a bulk of pencils in different colors and personalize each of them with quotes or song lyrics that are meaningful to you. Then, tie them up with colorful ribbons.


Homemade Granola

If you want to impress your wedding guests with sweet or savory treats that is both affordable and unforgettable, allow them to have the choice to pick their favorite mix from the mason jars full of homemade granola. Put some labels on the jars to make it a lot easier for your guests to choose which one suits their personal taste more.


Personalized Lip Balms

Who said that lip balms are only for the ladies? Even a real man can put it on his lips especially during cold season. If you enjoy preparing for homemade beauty supplies, then making lip balms for your guests is not a hard task, right? Statistically, a person loses one lip balm per week. Therefore, to give a personalized lip balm is actually a thoughtful action. Try to come up with yummy flavors such as Blueberry Ginger or Strawberry Champagne!

Stainless Steel Water Bottles

Who wouldn't love stainless steel water bottles? If you consider water bottles in the list of your cheap wedding favors, you're on the right track. Because everyone will need it whenever they're outdoor. If it's possible, try to get them personalized. Put a memorable phrases on the surface of the stainless steel water bottles so that they remember it was from your wedding.


Ethnic-themed Favors

It doesn't mean that you need to marry someone of different ethnicity or nationality to prepare for ethnic favors. If you and your future life partner enjoy going to a certain country, let's say Japan, and both of you fell in love with the culture and the people, it's not a sin to have small bottles of Japanese saki as wedding favors. You can also opt for Swiss chocolates, fortune cookies, or even marzipan candies from Scandinavia!


Because weddings were considered as a lucky moment, couples tend to feel that it was a good deed to pass on their good luck to their wedding guests. It is still considered important for the wedding couples to present their guests with small gifts as a token of appreciation for their participation in their wedding. So, have you decided on which wedding favor you would like to get for your guests?

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