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​Las Vegas Weddings - Have anything you could wish for.

Over the years, Las Vegas has become one of the favorite wedding destinations for most couples. Maybe because of the lively atmosphere, or the need to run off and elope, or perhaps it was the first place where the couples met, we can never guess the reasons why Las Vegas weddings are becoming popular and popular. If you are thinking about having one of the Las Vegas weddings, we will introduce to you some of the unique and creative ideas of weddings taking place in the city. I’m sure by now everyone already know you can get Elvis to marry you, so what are the other more interesting options.

Small Version of French Destination

Almost everyone wants to experience a Paris wedding but if flying all the way to France is something you really can't afford, Las Vegas can offer you with something similar – but on a smaller scale. We suggest reserving a dining area overlooking the highlights of scenery and the casino, and you can also take the glass elevator to capture your wedding vow there at the top of the Paris Las Vegas' Eiffel Tower.

Add Some Roman Structures

Ever dreaming of getting married in Rome? The Venus Garden is actually a very beautiful secluded area for a simple wedding reception. Just like how we didn't suggest flying all the way to France for a Paris wedding, you don't have to book an airline ticket to Italy for a Rome wedding as well. With Roman statues and architectures around the garden, you can experience all of those things you ever dreamed of. Don't be surprise if you can invite Caesar and Cleopatra to your wedding because it can be found in the packages offered.

At Shark Reef

With fifteen species of sharks swimming freely and happily at Mandalay Bay's Shark Reef, don't you think it can be one of the best Las Vegas weddings ever? It's completely original and one-of-a-kind! Are you worried about a photographer? Fret not, people. This is because Mandalay Bay has a package that you can choose which offers photography and you can even hire a pianist to play some music under water!

Is That George Clooney?!

This might be one of our favorite Las Vegas weddings. Why don't have Angelina Jolie and her handsome hubby, Brad Pitt, to attend your wedding? Madame Tussaud's Las Vegas chapel will give you the most memorable unique wedding ever! If you ever dreamed of dancing with Beyonce, this is your time and you can even get Dean Martin to be your MC (even though we doubt he can be that talkative) and the U.S president as one of your guests!

Halloween Drama

There's this haunted chapel at Mandalay Bay where couples get the chance to say "Till death do us part," among the goblins and ghouls. However, this option of a Las Vegas wedding is only available on the weekend of Halloween. If you love a little drama and want to have an unforgettable wedding pictures, perhaps you can start planning to save around $850 (plus tax) for your Halloween wedding in Las Vegas. Other upgrade of the package includes a limousine ride and honeymoon suite.

Las Vegas weddings can be one of the most remarkable moment in someone's life and many places now offer live webcam streaming of the event for loved ones who can’t make it on the day. There are a lot of Las Vegas' wedding packages out there and you won't have to miss out on a single special thing if you spend a little bit of time doing your research. We hope you will be able to experience the best Las Vegas wedding and do let us know how your wedding goes! Oh, and don't forget the Wedding Favors for those who can't make it!

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