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4 Costly Misconceptions About Wedding Bands

We often hear about different interpretations regarding wedding bands. Today, we will share with you four costly misconceptions about wedding bands and explain everything in detail. The mistaken beliefs of wedding rings include – but are not limited to – tungsten and black ceramic can be re-sized, tungsten is so strong that it's unbreakable, allergies [...]

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Black Tungsten vs. Black Ceramic

Over the years, the popularity of having black rings as wedding bands has been increasing drastically. This may be due to the fashion sense of the wearers, or due to the elegant color of the rings that makes it perfect to wear anytime and anywhere. Whatever the reasons may be, black rings are here to [...]

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What is Black Ceramic?

Previously, we talked about what is tungsten carbide, and the benefits of choosing tungsten wedding bands. However, there's another fantastic material for wedding rings – black ceramic. On the Mohs Scale, black ceramic proudly come in at number seven, showing off how strong the heat-resistant material is in term of mineral hardness. Commonly referred to [...]

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7 Incredible Fall Wedding Ideas

Incorporating pieces and ideas for a fall wedding can be a daunting task considering how many suggestions are available out there. Not to mention that your friends and family might want to contribute their opinions as well. However, if you feel fall season is going to be the best moment for you to capture your [...]

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6 Unique Wedding Reception Ideas

"Oh my, that was the best wedding reception ever!" Isn't that what most married couples want to hear about their weddings? We understand how nervous you are when your wedding date is getting nearer and how tired you are preparing for everything - from the wedding invitations to attending bridal shower party. But take a minute [...]

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Black Wedding Dresses

Stepping Out of your Comfort Zone With Black Wedding Dresses Black is for a funeral, black is the color of the dark side, black is not good for a wedding day, black should be avoided... Have you heard these comments before? Of course, you have! More often than not, the bride-to-be will try to avoid the color [...]

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DIY Wedding Invitations: Creating Your Own Wedding Invitations

So you want to get artsy by creating something creative for your wedding day? If you make a living by designing wedding invitations for others, then perhaps making them for yourself does not overwhelm you. But we understand that it can be a daunting task for the first-timers considering on what to use, how much do [...]

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Finding The Best Mother-of-the-Groom Dresses

She beamed with pride as her son kissed the bride and she flaunted her wonderful pink-with-black-polka-dots dress she bought a few months back as if it was her greatest prize ever. Even with all the decorations of the wedding theme and how gorgeous her daughter-in-law was in her wedding gown, she knew that she should [...]

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Pro's and Con's Over Different Wedding Checklist Options

Preparing for a wedding can take a lot of energy but if you plan every single thing ahead of time, you'll be able to ensure everything is well-organized. Previously, we talked about why you need a wedding checklist, so this time we’re digging deeper into the different options available to you with their Pro’s and [...]

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What is Tungsten Carbide?

Learn why Tungsten Carbide is perfect for your Wedding Band... If you are looking for quality and great design, then getting tungsten rings or wedding bands for your wedding is a perfect choice. Because tungsten wedding bands are created with hardest and strongest metal on Earth, they are four times harder than titanium, five times harder [...]

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