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​The Best 2014 Wedding Trends To Inspire You

It marks a new beginning in everyone's lives and to those who are planning to get married in 2014, you might be looking for the best 2014 wedding trends to inspire you to be applied to your wedding. Most experts agreed that 2014 will be the year full of true romance and be surprised to experience one of the softest and sweetest weddings ever! If you've been waiting to melt your own heart with romantic atmosphere, we do have something to share with you. Keep on reading, lucky bride!

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Nudes and Peaches

Soiree's event designer, Tara Guerard, said that nude and peach colors are coming back for the 2014 wedding trends. Of course she's suggesting for the brides to apply the soft pink colors to their color scheme and rock that beautiful shades on their wedding day!

Air Suspended Wedding Cakes

Who would have thought wedding cakes to be floating in the air? Nope, we never thought it would be possible until Kaley Cuoco did for her wedding with her upside down chandelier-inspired wedding cake. The idea was super crazy but very creative. This trend will beat the traditional wedding cake on the table and everyone will be surprised by it.

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Wedding Ushers

The return of wedding ushers to fill the gaps of the romantic formal days will be one of the hottest 2014 wedding trends to inspire you as well. Think about waiters wearing white-colored gloves showing you the table, crystal candlesticks, big band singing and dancing, and gold-rimmed china. According to Beth Helmsetter, this inspiration comes from Hollywood's The Great Gatsby.

Cactus Making Its Debut

The Knot confidently stated that prickly centerpieces will be the new trend of 2014. Even though some disagreed with this, we'd like to think the idea is pretty cool where it can bring the masculinity of your wedding. It symbolizes that even though your marriage life will be thorny and full of challenges (well, every married couple experience that), you will be able to get through it.

Phone-charging Stations

Now this is creative. Some guests would love to be saved from rushing to get their phones charged, and you can opt for this wonderful idea of phone-charging stations. Even though weddings are supposed to be an "unplugged" moment from all kinds of social media activities, brides do understand that you would love to tweet, post, and tag a picture about her wedding. So, if the couples provide this – honor it.

Smaller Invitation Cards

Back in the days, the notion of "the bigger, the better" was cherished by almost everyone. But in 2014, you can expect to receive smaller invitation cards of around 5x7. This is definitely precious and dainty. Who doesn't love cute, little things, right?

The Year of Spicy

If you want to serve your guests with dish with a lot of sriracha and full of Calabrian chili oil, you can do it for your 2014 wedding! This is because some event planners believe that 2014 is the year to get a little spicy on everything.

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To be honest, we still believe there are a lot more wedding trends for the year of 2014 to inspire you and apply to your own. The thing is if you are full of creativity, just get crazy with inspiration and ideas, and make your 2014 wedding day full of memories!

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