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5 key tips to giving your Best Man Speeches

It is such a great honor to be the best man in someone's wedding especially if that is your best friend or your brother. At some point in your life, you will carry the responsibility of giving a speech and say a couple of good things about your brother or friend and his new wife. More often than not, best man speeches tend to become awkward a few seconds later because of the things the best man says. You don't want to go on the stage and start rambling, complaining or nagging on inappropriate stories about the groom. To save you from the embarrassing moment, we have compiled some tips for the best man speeches for you.


Prepare and Stay Sober

A few weeks before the wedding, you should start brainstorming and preparing for your speech. Don't ever think that all you need is courage and a mouth to speak, and straight away walk into the wedding reception with the thought that you will be able to say the perfect things. Even if you know everything about your own buddy or brother, you will still need to prepare for a speech. It is best to write down or type out what you want to say on a piece of paper.


Postpone Your Gratification

Other than that, always ensure that you stay sober until you've done your speech. Of course, it's your loved ones' wedding day and you want to enjoy. But alcohol can lead to embarrassing moment and you don't want to end up looking like a lost person on stage. Remember, you are celebrating a wedding and make them feel good.


Speak Clearly And Loud Enough

Even if you are very nervous being in front of hundreds of family and friends, you will need to enunciate every word clearly. Thankfully, microphone was created for a good reason. Make good use of it and make sure that you are not mumbling. Everyone wants to hear what you have to say about the groom and his wife.


Avoid Controversies

Topics that are too offensive or embarrassing should be avoided when making best man speeches. Sometimes, when you are too drunk or too nervous, you tend to say anything on your mind, and that includes old stories from the past. Thus, the reason why we suggest not to get drunk before you complete your own speeches. Ensure that you avoid any controversial topics about the groom or the bride, even if it will get the guest laughing like these guys.


Funny Speeches Are The Best

It's a wedding after all and everyone wants to smile and laugh about everything. Even though we think that inside jokes should not be included in your best man speech, we still think that if it is not too much, you are still allowed to create some jokes and keep your speech funny. We love how this man ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c_wr5P7thKM) used his creativity to create a funny song to replace a normal, traditional best man speech. Keep it short and keep it funny – everyone will enjoy it.


If you are still confused on what to say on the wedding day, maybe you can try to visit The Best Man Speech ( http://www.thebestmanspeech.com/) for a long list of best man speeches. Perhaps, it can give you a little bit of ideas and hints on how to prepare for yours. Good luck!

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